New Calvary Community Development Corporation

Board Members

Rev. Dr. Wm. Marcus Small, Senior Pastor & President
Columbus Grant, Vice President
Keight Grant
Fred Helm
Kevin Monroe
Marchell Pryor
Cassandra Small
Louisa Strayhorn
Terry Webb

Executive Summary

In 2015, a number of community leaders, church members met to address issues relative to assisting low-income residents, ex-offenders, elders, and disable individuals and households with affordable housing, supportive services, job opportunities, and at the same time contribute to revitalizing the community. In March, 2016, New Calvary Community Development Corporation (NCCDC) was established. The NCCDC’s will focus on addressing the need for affordable housing, which is listed as a high priority in the city of Norfolk’s General Plan, PLANorfolk 2030, and in STOP, Inc. 2015-16 Comprehensive Needs Assessment. Both plans highlight the need to upgrade Norfolk’s housing stock to ensure housing affordability for renters and home owners, affordable housing for the special needs population, and the elderly. Additionally, the planning group envisioned NCCDC as being an extension of the ministries of the church incorporating a variety of social and economic initiates to assist low-income individuals and families, veterans, ex-offenders, and the elderly in becoming self-sustaining. NCCDC will employ a “holistic” approach and is premised on the fact that no single action can turn a neighborhood around. However, a combination of improved housing conditions, infrastructure, community outreach, economic development initiatives (job counseling, employment opportunities, and healthcare must be brought together to create a significant and positive impact for the city of Norfolk and its residents.

The core programs provided NCCDC are key components to NCCDC’s holistic approach. NCCDC will focus on improving the quality of life for Norfolk residents. The organization will accomplish this by effectively acquiring, renovating, and/or building new affordable housing, providing a variety of social services to assist low-income and ex-offenders, veterans, elderly and disabled individuals to economically sustain themselves and create employment opportunities through its social initiatives.

As a startup Community Development Corporation, NCCDC will seek local, federal and state grants donations, and funds raised from sponsored events to enable the Corporation to provide direct benefits to residents. NCCDC will promote economic growth through homeownership opportunities.

NCCDC recognize the importance of working in partnership will local, state, federal, and other community organizations to achieve desired results. Efforts will be made to develop partnership agreements with the Norfolk Planning Council, local Community Action program, faith based organizations, Department of Social Services, the Housing Authority, etc.